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Pure Water Pole Fed Window Cleaning

We use the Pure Water Fed Pole method for cleaning windows. You may have seen this method in action and wondered how it works. Below is a brief overview.

First you start with Pure Water. You achieve this filtering normal tap water. The water goes through a process called Reverse Osmosis (RO) which takes out most of the impurities (measured in parts per million or PPM). After the RO the water still needs a bit of filtration to get it to Zero PPM, this is called de-ionising. After the water goes through this, it is pure enough for your windows.

After this you need to get the water to the window. This is achieved by use of pumps and hoses. The water is pumped to a telescopic pole with a brush.

Then the technique comes in – the operative scrubs the frame window and sill, and then rinses the window down.
Because pure water is being used, there is no need to take the water off the window. It will dry clear.

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You might still be asking though ‘What’s the point, surely the traditional method works fine?’
The main answer to this is safety.

In the modern business world, health and safety has taken over and we can no longer do things the way we used to.
The water fed pole method complies with all safety requirements.
Although this is the main reason there many more benefits…

Eco-friendly – no detergents just pure water.

Glass stays cleaner for longer – the detergents used in traditional window cleaning actually attract dirt. As only pure water is used there is nothing to attract dirt.

Increased privacy – as cleaning is done from the ground, the upstairs windows have complete privacy.

Reduced risk of damage to property – ladders often mark window sills, gutters and leave holes in the lawn. With the water fed pole method it reduces risk of damage to windows, gutters lawns and garden boarders.

Better access – if using ladders, there are many windows that are difficult or impossible to reach. As the water fed pole uses telescopic poles, hard to reach windows can now be accessed.